Darling Paper Co.
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Welcome to Darling Paper Co.

I'm Meghan and Darling Paper Co. is the result of my creative pursuits + hours of watching Youtube and Skillshare classes. 

Yes it's true, you will find squeeze-worthy bunnies and pink llamas here. No no, not the real kind, just these cuties on little pocket books to invoke the same warm fuzzy feelings.

You will notice the same recurring themes emerging from my designs - i.e cute things + fluffy animals + botanical/plants and so I don't blame you for reaching the conclusion that I am a donut eating, animal loving, crazy plant lady. And again, yes, all of the above is true. 

We have paper goodies and desk supplies. Go ahead, knock yourself out :)


The Process +
Going Green


I set out against the blank canvas to sketch/paint/doodle in hope that something decent will eventuate.

Deciding on colours are the worst, as I can't seem to commit. Thank god for Photoshop, for it is here that I continue to change my mind at least 100 times before committing to a colour scheme.

Once it's looking decent, I send it off to the printers and voila! they do their magic and it becomes an ACTUAL product!

It is important to me that I try my best to have eco-friendly processes where possible.

I am proud to have our paper products printed and made by a local green printer, based here in Adelaide.

By actively pursuing a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, eco-advantaged products and processes, our printer is an independently audited carbon neutral print service provider.



Weighing in at 120 kgs and over 100 years old, she really is a beauty.

Every card is lovingly pressed on this machine, one by one. As such, you will find variations in each piece, evidence of it's handmade nature.

There's no need for electricity, just good old muscle power... of which I am severely lacking. But that's okay, I manage :)